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 Trimming vs shaving

which side are you on in the beard-grooming debate?

Grooming Tips  For Men

Shaving, Trimming, and Edging all in One

Shaving, Trimming, and Edging all in One 1.5 min read - 1 short video Your style companion is here Whether you’re packing for a weekend at the shore or jetting off to faraway shores, space is always a precious commodity. Razors, shaving foam, hair trimmer, chargers… How do you keep up your appearance and keep [...]

Dry Shave or Wet Shave?

Wet or dry shave: How to care for sensitive skin when shaving Reading time: 4 mins It’s great to see men’s sensitive sides, but not so much when it comes to sensitive skin, especially when shaving. But help is at hand! With the following tips, you can find out once and for all whether it’s [...]

How to prevent razor cuts

No more razor cuts: 10 tips on how to avoid shaving cuts Reading time: 5 mins Cut while shaving? Unfortunately, it’s nothing unusual. But it doesn’t have to be inevitable because there are ways to give yourself a thorough and smooth shave, while minimising shaving cuts. Follow these tips for avoiding razor cuts and your [...]

New Beard Styles

Growing on me: The best trending beard styles for the year Reading time: 6 mins Beards have been trendy for the last few years now, and do not seem to be going away anytime soon. Looking around any city, town, or your local supermarket around the country, bare cheeks are a rarity. Which beard trends [...]

Chin Beard Styles

Short or long chin beard? – This is how you do it Reading time: 4 mins Why the long face? Or are you just in need of chin beard advice? In any case, once your beard gets mistaken for a Rapunzel wig at the Halloween party, you should probably start thinking about your chin beard [...]

How to get rid of razor burn

How to get rid of razor burn

How to trim a beard

How to trim a beard 2 min read Look after those lines with our beard trimming tips. A beard can be a thing of beauty. From the carefully clipped goatee to the thick, full neck-warmer, facial hair is always a bold statement of style. But that doesn’t mean a beard can be left to its [...]

Goatee beard styles

How to trim, shave and style a goatee beard in 5 easy steps What exactly is a goatee? The full pointed beard or goatee (not to be confused with his cousin, Van Dyke) can be traced back to Greek antiquity. At that time, the inspiring trendsetter was the goat-like appearance of the god of shepherds, [...]

Patchy Beard Styles

How to make your beard look fuller: styling a thin or patchy beard Reading time: 5 mins Many men have a thin, patchy cheek beard or moustache, and there are various reasons for it – and various solutions. There are certain things you can do to help fix patches, and we’ve got the lowdown on [...]

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