Philips 9 in 1 Multigroom MG5720-15 Series 5000 For Face Hair
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MG5720/15 Multigroom series 5000 9-in-1, Face and Hair

SKU: MG5720-15
  • 9 tools
  • DualCut technology
  • Up to 80 min runtime
  • Waterproof
Rs. 20,000
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Advanced styling & precision

Craft your own personal look with this versatile trimmer, which includes 9 quality tools for styling your face and hair. Its DualCut blades deliver maximum precision and the no-slip rubber grip improves comfort and control.


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Maximum precision with 2x more blades

The all-in-one hair trimmer features DualCut technology for maximum precision. It comes with 2x more blades, designed to self-sharpen and stay as effective as it is on day 1 for up to 4 years.

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Detail metal trimmer defines edges of your beard or goatee

Create fine lines, contours and details with precision, to define or change your style.

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Run time: up to 80 minutes of cordless use per charge

Get up to 80 minutes of cordless use for every 16-hour charge.

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Store it all to go

Declutter your bathroom and your gym bag, with a small storage pouch for easy organization and travel that keeps all your attachments together in one place.

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Warranty for purchase protection

All of our grooming products are built to last and engineered to give a reliable performance, time after time. This trimmer comes with a 2-year worldwide guarantee.

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Easy to grip

Philips Multigroom is easy to hold and manoeuvre, with a rubber ergonomic grip for superior comfort and control while trimming.

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Nose trimmer gently removes unwanted nose and ear hair

Remove unwanted nose and ear hair, easily and comfortably.

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Trim and style your face and hair with 9 tools

This all-in-one trimmer conveniently trims and styles your facial hair and clips your hair.

Metal trimmer precisely trims beard and hair

Use the metal trimmer with DualCut technology without a comb to get clean, sharp lines around the edges of your beard, neck and hairline.

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6 combs for trimming your face and hair

2 stubble combs (1,2 mm) , 1 adjustable beard comb (3-7 mm) and 3 hair combs (9,12,16 mm).

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Waterproof for easy cleaning under the tap

Simply rinse the device and attachments after each use for long-lasting performance.


Create the look you want

Number of tools: For a gentle trim

Styling tools: Metal trimmer Detail metal trimmer Nose & ear trimmer 3-7mm beard adjustable comb 2 stubble combs 3 hair combs


Battery Type: Ni-MH

Run time: 80 minutes

Charging: 16 hours full charge

Automatic voltage: 100-240 V

Hairclipping/Facial styling

Long beard: Yes

Short beard: Yes

Stubble look: Yes

Sharp lines: Yes

Detailed styling: Yes

Goatee: Yes

Ease of use

Cleaning: 100% Water proof

Maintenance free: No oil needed


Handle: Ergonomic Easy Grip

Cutting system

DualCut technology: Cut in two directions

Self-sharpening blades: Yes


Maintenance: Cleaning brush

Pouch: Storage pouch


Guarantee: 2-year

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