Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan
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Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

Hair dryer price in Pakistan ranges from lowest Rs. 3000 to highest Rs. 15,000. You will find that the prices differ by the brand, quality, and features in the hair dryer. But, it all comes down to the features you want in your hair dryer. You can refine the use of a dryer by focusing on features that benefit your hair. Before you dig into the features, finding the best hair dryer price in Pakistan is your starting point. This way, you can evaluate what you want or don’t want in a hair dryer.

Hair Dryer or Hot Air Brush: Origins of the Tool

Hair dryers go back to the 1800s when they were known as “hot air brush”. You can imagine a big drying machine for your hair. Over time, as technology found its way to haircare, hair dryers became small, portable, and powerful. This tool is popular among both women and men to use for drying, straightening, curls, and taming frizz. With proper use, hair dryers are known to seal hair cuticle and protect it from dry damage.

Did you know? Philips is actually the first-ever brand that made portable hair dryers? This dates back to the 1900s, a decade later of technological advancements! Philips curated dryers with total quality, longevity, and performance. The brand introduced many features in one that made the hair dryers safe for use and for protection against heat. You will find that Philips hair dryer price in Pakistan is affordable with many high-end features perfect for you daily use. We’ve made a list of top hair dryers by Philips so you can opt for the best hair dryer price in Pakistan.

Philips Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

Philips hair dryer price in Pakistan is from lowest Rs. 5000 to highest Rs. 14,000. Philips has worked on its brand name for 100+ years by making products that are reliable for its users. The brand works with hair experts in research and development to bring cutting-edge innovations. Philips hair dryer price in Pakistan can vary upon features. The brand promises to bring the best possible experience for you. Philips offers ease of use, moisture sensors, ionic conditioning, attachments, and heat protection to get the best possible experience for you. Below is a breakdown of features, along with Philips hair dryer price in Pakistan:

Philips DryCare Advanced Hair Dryer for Rs. 13,999

For a quick dry before work, this hair dryer is for you. It comes with high-powdered 2200W mechanism that delivers a long-lasting performance. Induced with ionic technology, the dryer uses ions to cut frizz and static, leaving your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. It also comes with 6 heat and speed setting to give you a customized experience. In case you’re looking for a cool shot button, DryCare has one! With thermos-protect feature it also ensures even heat distribution so it will not damage your hair.

Philips MoistureProtect Hair Dryer for Rs. 10,999

If you’re someone who showers before work, Philips MoistureProtect was made for you. It senses the moisture in your hair and adjusts heat automatically to avoid overheating and damaging your hair. Including 3 heat and speed setting, you can customize however you want and then lock in the style with the cool shot button.

Philips ThermoProtect Hair Dryer for Rs. 7,500

If you’re looking for a budgeted option that will last you years, ThermoProtect is perfect. This choice dries without excessive heat damaging your hair. It comes with a built-in sensor to detect moisture. With an included diffuser attachment, you can use it on long, thick hair for a quick dry. The 3 speed and heat settings make it easy for you to enhance your styling possibilities every day.

Philips EssentialCare Hair Dryer for Rs. 5,999

For a low power option (in case you’re worried about the electricity bills), this one will do the job and in an efficient manner. In this price, you get 2 speed and heat settings, a cool shot button, and also Thermo protection. Heat protection is especially important for those who have already damaged their hair because of heat. Plus, Thermo technology can protect against split ends, breakage, and hair edges.

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