Hair Curler Price in Pakistan
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Hair Curler Price in Pakistan

Hair curler price in Pakistan can range from lowest Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20,000. Prices mostly differ in terms of the brand you go for, quality, or the features in it. But it all comes down to the features.

Hair curlers have become our go-to when it comes to looking different on a day. People with straight hair can vouch for this because it can get a bit boring! So, spicing things up and adding loose waves or tight curlers can really spin your day around. Women who like to add some volume or body to the hair can also make best friends with a hair curler. That’s not all, because women with frizzy hair can tame and add definition too. If you are looking to create a different look, curlers are a must-have in your hair kit.

How to Choose the Right Hair Curler for you Hair Type?

Most people mistake that all hair curlers will suit them. But that is not the case. If you have fine hair, you want to get a curler that has a smaller, slimmer head or barrel. This will help you define your hair and add volume. For those with thicker hair, a larger head or barrel is perfect. It allows you to take bigger portions of your hair and add natural, loose curls.

Also, remember. For tighter curls, you need a thinner barrel. A bigger barrel is perfect for loose curls. Hair curler price in Pakistan will be different as per thinner or thicker barrel.

Whether this is your first purchase or you are looking for a durable curler, we have you sorted. Philips is known for reliable and durable products that will last you a lifetime. Plus, with Philips you will find that hair curler price in Pakistan is affordable and in range for anyone who wants to expand their hair styling kit. Let’s see a breakdown of all the options you have without having to compromise on quality!

Philips Hair Curler Price in Pakistan

Philips hair curler price in Pakistan is from lowest Rs. 4000 to highest Rs. 18,000. Not only is Philips affordable, but the brand tops high safety features in haircare products to protect your hair. Philips hair curler price in Pakistan comes with value. Philips is a well-trusted brand that keeps top three things in mind;

  • Highest form of quality
  • Long lasting life
  • Easy to use at home

Women go for Philips because of the ceramic barrels, which heat your hair evenly and shield your hair against the heat damage. Philips offers multiple heat settings, automatic shut off, and so much more. Here are some of the best Philips hair curler price in Pakistan:

Philips StyleCare Essential Curler for Rs. 4800

If you are looking for maximum heat protection, this hair curler is what you need. It comes with the ceramic barrel for a layer of defense against heat. Plus, it has 3 heat setting for you to shift around creating different styles every day. This style care is built with a swivel cord for you ultimate movement freedom. With fast heat up time, you can quickly set yourself right before going anywhere.

Philips Style Care Sublime Ends Curler for Rs. 9,000

What split ends? If you are someone with a lot of split and dry ends, Philips has you covered. With SplitStop technology, you can care for your hair top to bottom as this one helps reduce friction and allows for even and smooth curling flow. It comes with digital display of 8 temperature settings to allow you control to manage your hair type. Whether you have thick or thin hair, Philips infuses Keratin as an essential to ensure your hair’s health every day.

Philips StyleCare Prestige Auto Curler for Rs. 18,000

For perfect curls with gentle temperature, the Philips Auto Curler with 3 temperature setting curler is your way to go. This innovation brings 3 adjustable curl directions to give you dreamy and beautiful curls in no time.  The vertical handle build bring easy operations with an automatic stop function for when you’re done. Philips again makes haircare products heat-resistant for your hair to keep its health and a keratin finish.

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