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How to Use Philips Satinelle Epilator?

When you think of tweezing and waxing in from a machine, the closest thing would be Philips Satinelle epilator! Epilation is way of quick and efficient hair removal whenever you need it. Plus, it is almost like waxing because your hair won’t come back for weeks. This is why a lot of women swear by epilators. But a lot of women ask if using it is painful? Well, if you can get through waxing, you can get through this. It depends on your pain tolerance and how sensitive your skin is. Some women don’t feel a thing using an epilator. With sensitive skin, you may feel slight discomfort. But there’s a proper way to do it to avoid that. Let’s find out how to use the Philips Satinelle epilator.

Satinelle by Philips

Satinelle by Philips is here since the 1980s. Philips Satinelle epilator is famous for leaving smooth skin with its gentle removal feature. Beginners to this device can choose from a wide range of basic to pro. The most loved Philips Satinelle epilator is:

  • Satinelle Essential for Beginners with two settings and area caps for sensitive areas.
  • Satinelle Prestige for Advance users with five settings, S-shaped design, and a bikini trimmer.

Philips brings vast innovation to one’s life. Shaving leaves you angry when the hair grows back literally the next day. Philips understood that. Epilation is an alternative to waxing and shaving but with machine modes like different speed settings, sensitive caps, and massage heads. These features allow a unique and comfortable experience. Plus, you can remove hair as you want and whenever you want. Philips Satinelle epilator comes with wet and dry use to suit your choice. The wet option is great for those with sensitive skin as it reduces any discomfort.

Can I Use Philips Epilator on Pubic Hair?

Philips made the epilator to help smooth different parts of your body. So, yes, you can see the Philips Satinelle epilator on pubic hair. But, here is what you must know:

  • Buying the right epilator is the most important. You have to figure out which area you need it for most. Each of Philips epilators models have different setting and design to cater to multiple areas. If you want precision and a comfortable process, choose an epilator that has a bikini setting.
  • The pubic area is more sensitive so using an epilator may cause discomfort. If you cannot handle any pain and are scared, you can start with your arms or legs first. This will allow you to get comfortable with the process.
  • When using an epilator on pubic area, ensure you stretch your skin properly. Just as in waxing and shaving, you have to hold your skin a little to get the hair out in one flow.
  • In case your hair is too long, you should trim it before you begin epilation.

The Next Step

Hold the shaver and begin! If you have full growth, you don’t need to hold your skin. For a 5 o’clock shadow or a clean shave, you may want to use your other hand to stretch the skin a little.

Whether it’s your face or any other body part, the next point is for all. Notice the direction of your hair growth. Shave in the direction your hair is growing to avoid uneven regrowth, burns, and ingrown hair. Once you figure out the direction of your hair, begin with light pressure and shave in short, gentle strokes. If you press too hard on the shaver, it could mess up the length and give you an uneven look. Plus, it could also cause irritation. And if you try to shave one side in one stroke, it could cause irritation. This is why it is best to be gentle and to go one stroke at a time for that perfect length and smooth look.

That covers the basics for if you’re new to shaving – easy right? Now you know how to use shaver machine.

Once done, rinse your face and the shaver to remove hair from it. Pat some after shave and you’re good to go.

How Do You Use an Epilator for Beginners?

There are multiple epilators for beginners. But from most of you, we hear fear about the process being painful. Hearing that a machine will be pulling at your hair sounds terrifying, but it’s really not. If you know the right way and you prep well, you can get smooth and silky skin. Philips Satinelle epilator are made to cater to different hair needs. So start from deciding whether you have fine hair or thicker hair. Here’s what you have to do once you get your epilator.


Epilation during a warm shower can help unclog pores. Then, choose a scrub that you love to exfoliate your skin first. Exfoliating before epilation helps the device to capture hair properly. Plus, using a scrub will help rid of ingrown hair and dead skin cells.


If you’re using it on your bikini area or underarms, make sure your hair length is not too long. The ideal length would be 2-5mm. Hair length as long as after two-three days of shave is also the perfect length for epilating.


Depending on if you are using the wet approach or dry, ensure your skin is clean. For both options, ensure you stretch your skin well to allow the epilator to grasp better. As a beginner, Philips Satinelle Soft epilator can help ease your fear of using it. The massage system in this one eases the sensation and gives a relaxing experience.


What is the Use of Philips Satinelle?

Many women have adopted the use of this convenient hair removal technique with Philips Satinelle. The main feature is to get rid of hair you don’t want to see. When you want to wear that dress, but your hair is back so you cannot wear half sleeves anymore – Philips Satinelle epilator is the solution to that. Using Philips Satinelle in your daily life will look like:

  • You are using rotating technology of discs and tweezers that pull out multiple hair in one go.
  • Your hair is not back the next day. You see long lasting results when compared to shaving.
  • With multiple attachments, you are able to remove hair from different body parts. Plus, you set levels of sensitivity with the area caps, massage heads, and more.

What is the Correct Way to Use an Epilator?

Follow this step-by-step guide on correctly using an epilator:

  • Choose the attachment setting that best suits your hair growth and skin type. Philips Satinelle epilator comes with different area caps for comfortable precision.
  • Holding your skin slightly is important. Ensure it is as straight as possible because epilators can then better hold your hair.
  • When beginning to use the epilator, hold it at 90-degree angle to your skin. This allows the head to be in full and flat contact with skin.
  • Start easy and slow with a lower speed. For beginners, this is essential to become comfortable with the feeling.
  • Ensure you are not adding any pressure to the epilator or pressing it hard to your skin. Keep it on the skin, but do not press. If you do, it could trigger discomfort and irritation.
  • Move the epilator smoothly in opposite direction of hair growth. Ensure slow and steady motions.
  • Go over the spots that may be left behind for a thorough removal.
  • And you’re all done!

Final Words

Philips Satinelle epilator became a life-changer for a lot of women. But if you’re someone with sensitive skin, you should begin on your arms first. As per market research, more and more women are looking for easy, at-home hair removal choices. By 2028, epilator market would be worth around $3 billion worldwide. Women who don’t want to spend on waxing every month are replacing it with epilators. Some are not comfortable. This increase is also mostly owed to dermatologists. Epilators are popular in the laser hair removal industry, because it helps remove hair that the laser could not target. Hence dermatologists recommend it as pre-and-post-treatment tool.

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