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The Quest to Find Out: How to Use Hair Dryer without Damaging Hair?

Here is a question a lot of us want the answer to – how to use hair dryer without damaging hair? While any type of heat to your hair is damaging, there are ways to reduce the damage. This guide will show you a safe and effective way to use a hair dryer without damaging hair.

Every home has a hair dryer. And it is a popular hair tool to use when you need a quick dry after a shower. Or to style your hair into bowl dried curls. Most women’s go-to for the wedding season is the famous inward and outward blow dry look. While hair dryers are extremely popular, they can be damaging to your hair with incorrect use. The heat can dry out all the natural moisture, leading to dry, frizzy hair. For most, it ends up in split ends. So, what can you do to ensure your hair health remains the same and you get the best out of using a hair dryer?

Let’s find out.

How to Use Hair Dryer without Damaging Hair?

The good news is that you do not have to ditch your hair dryer all together. Our bet is that you are either not using it the way you are supposed to or your hair dryer needs an update. For a safe and effective drying process, you can use the hair dryer without damaging your hair. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by gentle dry. Use a T-shirt or a microfiber towel to get the excess water out of your hair. This is the part where you do not rub your hair. Friction does no good to it. Especially if you have fine hair. The more you do that, the more it will break. Plus, you know how wet hair is more prone to damage, right?
  2. Always use heat protection. Adding a protective serum, oil, or spray will take your hair a long way. Using a heat shield serum will be effective in minimizing any heat damage. Why do you think serums and after-shower oils sell? Because they work.
  3. Set a speed and temperature and stick to it. Most of Philips hair dryers come with 3 to 6 settings that allow you to customize as per your hair requirement. However, for any hair type we recommend medium to low temperature. And a slower speed.
  4. Hold your hair dryer at a minimum of 5 to 8 inches away from your hair. This allows a good gap between direct contacts of heat. More so, you can avoid overheating and damage.
  5. Continuous heat in one area is a big no in hair world. Keep it moving so you distribute heat in an even way and avoid over-drying just one spot.
  6. Use a diffuser or concentrator for an even drying experience. If you don’t have a diffuser with your hair dryer, you need one. This allows you to control airflow and prevent excessive heat on to your hair.
  7. Always finish with cool dry to keep your hair in place. Once you are done, use the cool drying feature to set the hairstyle you want. Cool drying also closes your hair cuticles, locks the moisture in, adds a touch of shine, and reduces any frizz that may pop up later.

How Do I Protect My Hair with a Hair Dryer?

In addition to learning the right way to hair dry, you can go the extra mile to protect your hair when using a hair dryer:

  • Use a high-quality dryer – It is 2023 and we have advanced technology. There are hair dryers that are built to minimize the damage a traditional dryer will induce. Consider Philips for instance. The brand makes their hair dryers with ThermoProtect technology to save your hair.
  • Switch it down to the low – You do not need to fully blast at maximum heat. Using a low setting will give you the same results. It will also dry and style your hair the same way!
  • Limit daily use – Every day heat is no good for you. Honest advice. On days you have nowhere to rush to, let your hair be. Even if you have to use it daily, consider adding a post-shaver serum to disengage the daily damage.

What is the Healthiest Way to Dry Hair?

Air dry it! Air drying pops up to be the safest and healthiest way to dry your hair. This allows natural air to swing through our hair and let it dry in its own time. Other than that, you can use microfiber towels or T-shirt drying. If you have seen Tiktoks for hair drying, you will notice the trend of T-shirt drying. A T-shirt is different from a towel. Towels are usually harder on your hair, which is why they say to never rub your hair dry with a towel. It makes the hair weak and you can break more hair than you need! So simply wrapping your hair in a T-shirt and gently squeezing the extra water out can help a lot. A microfiber towel is different than your average towel. These absorb more and are less likely to cause friction and breakage.

Does hair dryer damage your hair?

Yes and no. Yes, because heat is damaging to your hair. But if you use the right hair dryer and make sure you are doing it right, then no hair dryer will not damage your hair. Learning the proper techniques and taking the cautionary measures will allow your hair to breathe. And you can enjoy the benefits of this life-changing technology! The key is to use your hair dryer at low heat setting. This is a myth that you need the full-on heat for quick drying. The low setting will give you the same effect and save your hair. It is also important that you maintain a safe distance. The mark for safe distance is at least 5 to 6 inches away from your hair.

Applying protective care to your hair like after-shower oils and serums can significantly change the way your hair absorbs the heat. Hair products can allow a shield-like layer against heat damage.

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