3 beautiful (and robust) festival hairstyles

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If there’s ever a time for letting your imagination loose and experimenting with hairstyles, it’s festival season. But remember: your festival hair will have a lot to cope with, from all-day exposure to the elements to flying free when you’re dancing.

The key is to choose festival hairstyles that will stay beautiful no matter what you put them through. Whether you’re looking for hippie hairstyles to channel ’70s romance, ’90s-style buns or a neat braid that stays put through the wildest dance moves, read on for festival and concert hairstyles that you can style before leaving home or just whip up quickly while you’re out and about. 

How to do a hair bun: the chignon

Hippie hairstyles are a festival staple to escape the everyday and embrace the bohemian summer spirit. This look is surprisingly quick to style and looks just as beautiful at the end of the night when your hair is wild and tousled. It keeps your hair off your face while still giving a loose, hippie hair effect, even for short hair. Style at home for a look that lasts all day, or even throw it together while you’re queueing!

1.Draw a middle parting on top of your head. On one side of your head, start braiding a French plait downwards towards your ear, taking up hair alternately from the hairline and directly behind the hairline until you reach the ear.

2.Then, continue braiding the plait without taking up any more hair until it reaches the middle of the back of your head. Secure it with a hair tie.

3.Repeat this on the other side of your head.

4.Now, secure the two plaits together in the middle at the back with another hair tie, and braid the loose lengths of hair together as one plait and secure again at the end with a hair tie.

5.Finally, apply some hairspray to keep your style in place. For real hippie hair, try tying a colourful ribbon or thin scarf around your head or at the back where the two plaits meet.

This hairdo looks even more beautiful with bouncy, full volume. If you style it at home, dry your hair with the Philips EssentialCare Hairdryer to get frizz-free volume with ionic conditioning. For extra gentle drying during the hot summer, choose the cool air setting. Finish with the cool shot feature to set your style and keep your concert hairstyles looking beautiful all night long.

Hassle-free festival hair: ’90s-style space buns

The best concert hairstyles always make a comeback during festival season, and space buns are no exception. Cute and fun, they’ll be your saviour when your hair finally falls flat after hours of dancing. Here’s how to get the style:

1.Divide your hair with a middle parting and make a ponytail on each side that sits as high as possible. For extra hold, slide a bobby pin or two at the back, just at the base of the hair ties.

2.Twirl each ponytail around the base to cover the hair ties, then fix them in place with bobby pins.

3.Spritz with plenty of hairspray for extra hold that lasts all day (and night)!

A classic among festival hairstyles: the chic French plait

If you’re not in the mood for hippie romance or retro buns, perhaps a stylish and understated French braid is more your thing? This neatly braided plait keeps your hair off your face while you dance and stays in place beautifully from day to night. A sophisticated choice, it looks especially good when combined with perfectly straight hair – so if you have time before leaving for the festival, smooth your hair to perfection before styling!

Styling your hair with a straightening brush that minimises heat exposure and friction is key to achieving results that will look smooth and healthy all festival long. The heated straightening brush from Philips has a ThermoProtect technology sensor that protects your hair from being exposed to unnecessarily high heat and damage; the bristles stay at an optimized heat level and help reduce friction. Plus, they’re enriched with keratin to give your hair a boost of protection and shine.

If you don’t have the chance to create your festival hairstyles at home, don’t worry: this braid will also tame wild hair that hasn’t seen a styling tool in a few days. Here’s how to do it:

1.Create a middle parting, picking up a strand on either side of it. With a third strand just behind them, in the centre, start braiding a French plait close to your head, following the parting as a guide. To make sure that smaller flyaways stay in the plait, use a little hair wax or mousse as you go.

2.Braid your hair all the way to the nape of your neck, then continue plaiting right to the ends of your hair. Secure at the end with a hair tie.

3.Fix in place with hairspray. If you like, cover the hair tie at the ends with a sparkly scrunchy or a floaty ribbon for a pretty touch.

If you’re missing that special something, glitter is the perfect solution to give your festival hairstyles the attention they deserve. Try going for a plastic-free type of glitter to show the planet some love!

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