3 Easy Updos for Thin Hair

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Styling fine hair can be a real challenge. Your ponytail slides out of position and your updo collapses like a house of cards. But with a few tricks and some simple updo hairstyles for thin hair, you can create the look of having the luscious hair you’ve been missing.

You can easily recreate the following three updos for thin hair at home. Whether you prefer the messy bun for thin hair, the fluffy ponytail, or the elegant chignon bun for thin hair, you’ll find the best hairstyles for thin hair as well as tips and tricks to open up new horizons for your styling in this guide.

The messy bun for thin hair

It’s a Pinterest hit and a favourite among celebs – and for good reason! The messy bun is the most effortlessly cool of hairstyles. For fine, thin hair it works perfectly because it gives the impression of more hair, more volume, and more character! Mastering the messy bun is a key trick for those wondering how to style thin hair.

Wash your hair. Brush in some volume-boosting mousse or dry shampoo and blow-dry your hair upside-down with a hairdryer that protects its natural moisture content. The EssentialCare hairdryer from Philips has a ThermoProtect temperature setting which provides the perfect drying temperature to avoid overheating your hair. Plus, 3 flexible speed settings allow you to dry your hair gently making it perfect for fine, sensitive hair.


Once almost dry, back-comb your hair one strand at a time and working from the tips to the roots. Blow-dry again on a cold setting to set your hair. Spray hairspray from the bottom of your hair upwards to prevent weighing it down, then brush through.

Make a ponytail. Small bumps and stray loops are part of the look – so don’t be too precise. In the second loop of your hair tie, tuck the end of your ponytail in to create a rough looped bun with the tips peeping out a little.

If your bun is too tight, you can loosen it carefully over the top of your head with your fingertips. A bun for thin hair might needs more hold, so push a few bobby pins into the base of your bun to secure it. Lightly fix in place with hairspray

How to style thin hair into a fluffy ponytail

The ponytail is simple and versatile – one of the best hairstyles for fine, thin hair. This version gives your hair more body and bounce. This is how you style a fluffy ponytail that lasts:

Massage a small drop of a natural oil into your towel-dried hair. Gently blow-dry it with a gentle yet effective hairdryer like the EssentialCare from Philips and apply hairspray to the roots to give them volume and hold. With your hands, pull your hair into a loose ponytail on the top of your head and secure with a hair tie.

You can use a hair straightener to create natural looking waves. Close the plates around 10cm from the roots of each strand and twist the device sideways while holding upright so that the strand is looped around the straightener once. Then, gently move the straightener in the same position down to the tips of the hair to create soft waves and twirl each strand around your fingers before it cools down. The KeraShine Vivid Ends straightener is a great choice for fine hair. The plates are enriched with keratin, hair’s natural ingredient, to boost protection and leave hair looking strong and healthy. Apply a little hairspray again for hold and pull out a few strands around the front to frame your face.

How to style thin hair elegantly: the chignon

Updos for thin hair not only make your hair look fuller, they can also have the wow factor. The elegant chignon is a bun you can wear for a business dinner, a romantic date, or a party to add a special something to your look. It’s one of our favourite hairstyles for fine hair.

Apply a little dry shampoo to your hair at the roots and the ends. On one side, draw a line from the ear upwards and use a hair clip to hold the front part of the hair.

Gather the remaining hair into a ponytail. Take a small section at the top of the tail and clip it away at the top of your head. Backcomb the rest of the ponytail to give it volume. Take the hair clip out and smooth the top section back with the rest of the ponytail. Fix with a little hairspray.

Pull the end of the ponytail upwards, wrap it around the hair tie loosely and fix it in this bun position with bobby pins. Loosen the front section of the hair that you clipped earlier and diagonally wrap it around your head and bun you just made. Pin this in place and apply a little hair spray. To widen the chignon, use your fingers to carefully spread the bun outwards; take your time to tease individual pieces of hair in and out of place to create a unique look.

If your bun is too tight, you can loosen it carefully over the top of your head with your fingertips. A bun for thin hair might needs more hold, so push a few bobby pins into the base of your bun to secure it. Lightly fix in place with hairspray

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