How to get curls with 4 simple method

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Curly hair is always gorgeous, whether it’s a ’90s supermodel mane, a sea of natural waves or a sleek twist to naturally straight hair. But do you know how to make curls at home, and which tools make hair curly just the way you like it? In this guide we look at four different methods for creating curls so you discover how to achieve your dream look.

1. The golden oldie: how to get curls with traditional curlers

There’s a reason they are a classic. Traditional curlers can be an effective means of how to get your hair curly. Choose large curlers for big, loose curls and smaller curlers for tight curls.

How to get curly hair with curlers:

  • Apply mousse to your towel-dried hair, then divide into three sections: top, right and left.
  • Pick up a small section of hair, no wider than the curler. Pull it out flat and then with the ends on the curler, roll the curler up carefully up the length of the strand until you get to your head. Fix your curler in place – either with a built-in attachment, or a separate clip.
  • Repeat for the rest of your hair. Once each strand is wrapped up in curlers, blow-dry the whole head for 10 minutes. Then, leave the curlers in place for around three hours. Afterwards, gently unwind the curlers and shake out your bouncy new curls!

2. Blown away: how to make curls and style curly hair with a hairdryer

Want to know how to make curls easily? You can use your hairdryer to make your hair curly in a way that fits into your normal morning routine. Whether you’re wondering how to style curly hair and make the most of your natural curl pattern, or how to make straight hair wavy, a hairdryer is your essential tool – combined with a round brush or a diffuser.

To keep your hair protected against overheating, the EssentialCare hairdryer from Philips is designed with a ThermoProtect temperature setting to achieve the optimal drying temperature and maintain your hair’s natural moisture; hair can be dried quickly without unnecessary overexposure to heat. Plus, ionic conditioning helps to keep your new curls frizz-free! Here’s how to get your hair curly with a hairdryer, for straight hair or natural curls.

How to make straight hair wavy with a hairdryer:

  • Gently towel-dry your hair and pick up a round styling brush and your hairdryer.
  • With towel-dried hair, gently twirl one length at a time around the round brush, working from the tips until the brush is near your head.
  • Angle your hairdryer closely to the brush and blow-dry your hair, slowly moving the brush down through the hair and winding it up again.
  • When your hair is dry all over and you’re happy with your curls, fix the style in place with a quick blast of the EssentialCare hairdryer’s cold shot function.

3. Beach waves: how to make curls with a hair straightener

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can create gentle, beautiful curls with a hair straightener. For waves that look natural and healthy, choose one with built-in measures against damage. The Philips Kerashine VividEnds hair straightener protects your hair against damage and split ends with a UniTemp sensor, which provides a consistent styling temperature for great results on a lower heat setting. The keratin enriched plates are especially good for curly hair, whilst the UniTemp sensor helps protect and enhance healthy looking ends.

How to make straight hair wavy with a straightener:

  • Once your hair is washed and dry, use clips to divide your hair into several sections, from the lower layers upwards. Then, heat up your straightener. The Vivid Ends straightener has a digital display with 11 temperature settings to give you complete control.
  • Take a strand from the lower part of your hair and close the straightener over it, then twist it around the straightener once. You can start around ear level for a full head of waves, or nearer the ends of your hair for subtle twists at the tips.
  • Keeping the straightener in this position with the strand of hair wrapped around it once, gently pull it down the ends of your hair. The slower your move the straightener, the more defined the curl will be. The VividEnds straightener’s smooth ceramic coated plates minimise friction and help to protect your hair against damage while it moves through them.

4. Corkscrew curls: how to get curly hair with a curling iron

  • Wondering how to style curly hair with little ringlets? Using a conventional curling iron will give you a mane of corkscrew spirals. To prepare your hair for styling, Philips haircare experts recommend using a heat protection spray to minimise damage. Use a brush to distribute the spray throughout and wait until it is completely dry before you start.
  • Clip up the upper section of your hair and start with individual strands of the lower section.
  • Turn on the curling iron and clamp your first strand of hair around the curling iron near the base of your hair. Be careful not to burn yourself on the head; keep the iron at least 10 cm away from the scalp! Twirl your hair around the curling iron down to the tips and close the clamp.
  • Hold the curling iron in place for 15-30 seconds, depending on the volume and coarseness of your hair. Then, gently unscrew the hair by opening the clamp. Repeat this strand by strand, until every section is complete.

Now you know how to get curls of every shape, size and texture, you’re ready to create your own curly crown at home. Whether you’re wondering how to manage curly hair and bring out its natural shape, or how to get your hair curly from pin-straight tresses, give these methods a try and find the one that works for you! Just give your hair a final spritz with hairspray after curling to hold its beautiful-looking style all day long.

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