How to trim, shave and style a goatee beard in 5 easy steps

What exactly is a goatee? The full pointed beard or goatee (not to be confused with his cousin, Van Dyke) can be traced back to Greek antiquity. At that time, the inspiring trendsetter was the goat-like appearance of the god of shepherds, Pan. You know, the guy with goat legs and the flute. No, not Mr. Tumnus, but similar. But this beard style has nothing to do with goat-like stubbornness.

The various goatee beard styles provide excellent coverage for triangular faces or a pointed chin. So, fancy the look? Here is how to trim and shave a goatee and, just as important in terms of its devilish charm, how to style a goatee:

Our tip: It is particularly efficient if you use the OneBlade from Philips for shaping and styling your goatee. This will take care of all the steps without having to deal with various devices. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, the OneBlade can trim, style and shave hair of any length.

1. Trim down

Start by trimming your whiskers down to 3-5mm, which will make the goatee easier to style afterwards. For the initial trimming, the OneBlade offers three different trimmer attachments in 1, 3 and 5 mm length.

2. Cut the outline of the goatee

Now set about cutting the outline of your goatee around your chin. With the dual-sided blade of the OneBlade, you can achieve perfect edges and precise lines quickly and easily. You can choose the width of your goatee to suit you; for example, wider goatees suit longer faces.

Tip: There are many different types of goatee and different goatee shapes out there. Have a look and you should find one, or maybe even a few, men’s goatee styles that you can try experimenting with.

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3. Style under the lip

Now style the beard under your lower lip to create a triangle or a rounded shape. You can also cut the goatee very short, according to your personal taste. Gently move along the edge of the beard to create well-defined lines.

4. Cut the final length of the goatee

You’re almost done with your goatee. Now use one of the trimmer attachments to reduce the length of your goatee as desired.

5. Clean up

Time to shave off all the remaining hair on your cheeks and neck. With the Philips OneBlade, you can easily shave in all directions. Then trim your hair around your moustache line. Finally, check if your new goatee is beautifully symmetrical.

Goatee styling and maintenance

Make sure to keep the area around your goatee clean-shaven. Trimming a goatee is important to keep it at the desired length. As your goatee grows in, you can create different effects by graduating the length of your trimming comb as you sculpt it.

Now you are ready with your distinctive new chin-beard style. Whether you present yourself in the classic look of a Greek Adonis or as a modern trendsetter without a panpipe, attention is guaranteed with the goatee beard.

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