How to make hair thicker and fuller

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“Less is more” is a classic beauty mantra, but when it comes to hair, it need not apply. After all, a head full of thick, luscious locks is one of the biggest confidence boosts – leaving us all wondering how to get thicker hair. Luckily for those of us who don’t wake up with a natural bouncy blow dry a la Priyanka Chopra, there are some easy thick hair tips that can help. Read on for our expert tips to help give gorgeous volume to thin hair.

How to get thicker hair – use a mild shampoo

Most commercial hair shampoos contain sulphates. They are substances that clean the hair and are responsible for all the fun foaming you get when you lather up your shampoo. However, sometimes they do their job a little too well, removing the oil not only from the hair, but also partly from the scalp. This can lead to your scalp losing its protective barrier, making it prone to dryness and irritation. As a result, your hair also becomes thinner and less bouncy and voluminous.

If you’re wondering how to grow thicker hair, perhaps look into natural alternatives such as coconut and sugar tensides to gently cleanse your hair. Often, these ingredients are wrongly perceived as being less effective since they produce less foam. But in fact, they are excellent for thoroughly washing your hair, so they’re worth trying if you would like to grow thicker hair.

Healthy body, healthy hair: dietary thick hair tips

You are what you eat, as they say – and your hair is no exception. Food we consume acts as the fuel for important bodily functions and supports healthy hair growth, among many other things. Proteins, Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, biotin, vitamin B and other nutrients can help protect the natural moisture and structure of your hair and might just be the answer to your question if you’re wondering how to thicken hair.

One of the best (and perhaps easiest) thick hair tips is to stock up on nutrient-rich foods, such as oily fish and nuts (which contain plenty of fatty acids), and yoghurt and beans for a protein boost. Even an ordinary omelette can be beneficial for your hair, since eggs supply your body with protein, omega 3 fatty acids and iron.

Thick hair tips for blow drying

Blow-drying with conventional hair dryers can draw moisture out of your hair, damaging its natural protective layer which can cause breakage . That’s why it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to your hair tools if you’re wondering how to get thicker hair. The answer is to use a hairdryer that’s designed to help protect hair from deyhydration, such as the Philips EssentialCare hairdryer. Its ThermoProtect temperature setting achieves optimal hair drying temperature and prevents your hair from overheating, preserving the natural beauty of your locks. Towel-dry hair so that it is 80% dry before you start blow drying to reduce heat exposure.

How to thicken hair with curls

If you’re wondering how to make your hair thicker and fuller, curling your locks might just do the trick. While creating waves won’t permanently change the natural structure of your hair, it’ll still give it volume and make it appear lively and full.

1. Start by turning your head upside down and giving it a blast with the hairdryer for added volume.
2. Next, prepare the hair by spraying with heat protection spray and dividing the hair into small sections.
3. Using a straightener with protective temperature control, such as the KeraShine straightener, take a section of hair and clamp the hair near the root, turning the straighteners back on themselves in a half turn, before slowly running the iron towards the tip of the hair.
4. Finish with hairspray to keep your newly volumised curls in place.

Now that you know all the thick hair tips and tricks, there’s nothing stopping you – rock those gorgeous locks and enjoy taking care of your hair.

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